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REWIRE28 is a program developed to help you improve the quality of your life by making small mindful changes.

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Awareness leads to action – FIRST28 will enable you to start making healthier choices


Take a leap forward towards mastering yourself by building your mind body connection with NXT28


Complete building an unshakable foundation with TotalREWIRE as you bring it all together

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Kimberly Shah

Co-Founder, Wonder Woman

“Your health is a lifelong investment”

Pranav Kanoria

Co-Founder, Rain Maker

“Master single player games”

Shubbu Amin

Foodie in Chief, Recipe Guru

“If we so desire, EATING can be the most healing, pleasurable, and soul satisfying experience that we enjoy on a daily basis”

REWIRE advantage - The 4ms


  • Develop a healthier relationship with food throughout your REWIRE28 cycles by beginning with a simple cleanse
  • Then progress to a more mindful practice of eating
  • Learn about the foods you are eating and how they benefit the body
  • Get meal ideas, recipes and more


  • 3 exercises a day is what gets you started with the program
  • Each cycle you have the option to add on and increase intensity
  • There are progressions from beginner to advanced and are for all ages
  • This makes our program doable for beginners and an added benefit to someone who is already working out


  • In FIRST28 you begin creating daily MANTRAS with a word of the day
  • Experience more mindful positive thoughts
  • In NXT28, you will be directed to be more mindful in creating more personal MANTRAS based on daily prompts
  • In TotalREWIRE you take time to reflect on your progress and create your own personalized MANTRA which relates most to your life


  • MEDITATION is brought into the program during NXT28
  • We give a very approachable method to your process with MANTRA MEDITATIONS
  • Then as you progress to TotalREWIRE you practice guided MEDITATIONS
  • Increase the neuroplasticity of your brain

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Chase the one Percent

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