Urvi S

Each days workout is available with incredibly detailed instructions about form and position. It feels like you have a person trainer in front of you talking you through each step!

Palak M

Rewire 28 helped me loose weight and get to to the fittest I have been in a long time. More than anything I felt strong and healthy. The best part was it was an easy and detailed programme. I didn’t feel deprived or hungry. I felt motivated and inspired.

Shilpa S

Rewire 28 is one of the best wholesome fitness apps available. It takes care of nutrition, workouts and mental health, they truly understand that fitness is not about how you look but about how you feel too.

Premal S

I have now completed the 28 days program and the results have been astonishing – unexpected weight loss despite continuing my regular power workouts, belly fat loss, drop in sugar levels to well within normal range from borderline, sound sleep and relaxed mind.

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