Shubbu Amin

Growing up in a family where life revolved around food and farming, Shubbu’s knowledge and passion for cooking & nutrition had an early start. Creating nutritious, delicious, beautiful meals that celebrate local, seasonal produce brings her joy. She loves showing people how simple, fun, and fulfilling cooking for oneself and loved ones can be.

Pranav Kanoria

Being the first person to experience the power of FIRST28 with his wife Palak, Pranav quickly realised that this program can change lives. Taking advantage of his experience managing myriad businesses, he realised that high quality programming need not be inaccessible nor should it be prohibitively expensive. His vision is to help all people realise what they can achieve if they focus on improving by 1% everyday.

Kimberly Shah

Fortunate to have been put into sports at the age of 3, Kimberly began building the habit of being active and living healthy which she has carried on to this day. From high level international sports competitions and working professionally in the fitness industry, she has made a career out of health and fitness for 20 years. Her career began with Equinox Fitness in the USA and carried on as a global master trainer for numerous fitness companies before moving to India to help improve the fitness industry here. REWIRE28 was written over a span of 5 years to help guide people to investing in their health and build lifelong healthy habits which are designed specifically around the lifestyle here in India.

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