Our Stomach Isn’t Stupid

Our stomach isn’t stupid. So when it comes to questions such as: “What should I eat?” “How much should I eat?” “When should I eat?” …and so on. These are answers our body does a remarkable job at telling you. If only you would listen.

Eating healthy isn’t rocket science, it is intuitive. Your body knows. Craving are indications of either deficiencies or addictions. Stomach aches tell you when you have eaten something your body doesn’t want or have sensitivities towards. Hunger can tell you when you should eat, how often. Indigestion can indicate improper timing of eating or over indulgence in quantity. The list goes on and more!

But let’s be realistic, our stomach tells us everything we need to know about what we should be eating, what agrees with our body, how much we should take in and when. So rather than ignore your own internal meal regulation system, try tuning in and work with your body rather than against it. Maintaining your meals can really be that simple! The more you know about your body, the healthier you can live.

REWIRE28 has designed their foundation program to help you tune into your eating habits and improve your relationship with your food without putting you on a “diet”.

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