What’s in a word?

What’s in a word? The simple answer is: More than you can imagine. Every word gives off a vibration. That vibration not only goes through your body and becomes part of you when you say it. But it goes out into the world like ripples on a pond to everyone out there. Every word you say has direct impact of your very being and affects the world around you. So, what’s in a word? It can actually set tone of who You Are.

Imagine taking simple words and creating powerful sentences which can create a positive vibe within your body and the environment you live. Monks say mantras in monasteries. Naam Simran is practiced in the early hours of the mornings in gurdwaras. These acts of repeating positive words and phrases create a higher vibration level of peace and happiness in these places, as well as within the people who do it. The amazing thing about this is that we all have the power to do it!

We all have the ability to increase our vibrations simply by thinking and saying positive words. A mantra doesn’t have to be tied to religious words. It just needs to be words of good intent and meaning. Think of the impact we would all make in this world if every single one of us spent a few moments giving oneself a positive pep up and sending good vibes into the world for everyone. It could truly change us all…and for the better.

REWIRE28 helps you develop more positive thought patterns through the practice of creating daily mantras and developing mantras for your personal pep talks.

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